Friday, November 08, 2013

Weekly wrap-up: picking up the slack

Part of the reason why last week was such a struggle for me was because I was starting to get slack. I didn't pay as close attention to things as I could and should have. This week I changed that and it was a much better week.


Anna finished the Book of Daniel with Kids reading plan and is still working on the Courageous Kids reading plan in YouVersion

She added another verse to the mastered list in ScriptureTyper, bringing her total to 15.


I recently came across the 17 Playful Doodles that Incorporate Everyday Objects blog post and bookmarked it, thinking it would inspire Anna to do some artwork, and it did.

Anna has started going to some after school programs at our community recreation center and has been doing some art projects there so I've cut back some on our art projects. This is one of the projects she did at the Center this week.

Language Arts (Reading, Writing, Spelling, Grammar)

Lessons 37-40 of First Language Lessons had us addressing an envelope and posting a letter, discussing direct quotations and quotation marks, doing a story narration of The Little Red Hen, and working on memorizing a new poem.

Anna got through the group 16 words of Spelling Power without too much trouble and rather than go right into the next group in the book I decided to spend a couple of days working on words she had been constantly misspelling in her journaling. She was quite happy to do that and proud that she could now spell them.

The copy work, dictation, and narration passages in Writing With Ease this week were from Nurse Matilda by Christianna Brand. Anna continues to do great with the required work.

We finally finished listening to The Jungle Book and we were both quite happy to be done with it. We really didn't enjoy the last few chapters. I found Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren at a local library and I've started reading it aloud to Anna. We're both enjoying it.


We learned two new card games this week, Go to the Dump and Math War. These games provided Anna with more review of the facts. She's still struggling with Math concepts. They do not come easy to her and having her encounter the facts in all this different ways should help her to grasp them eventually. One day this week we reviewed odd and even numbers and made a doubles tree to give some practice with doubles.

We also had some fun playing a game we call How Much Money? We take turns dumping a handful of coins on the table and figuring out how much money it is.


The Sound of Music is one of our favourite movies and this week Anna decided to work on learning Do, Re, Mi. She actually did the taping herself today and I think she did a pretty good job.

She continues to do great with her piano lessons, too.

Phys. Ed.

We went swimming twice this week. We both find it refreshing and reviving.


We are still working our way through chapter two of Exploring Creation With Zoology 1, learning more about field marks, habitats, and songs and calls of birds. We share the reading of the text by taking turns reading paragraphs. After each section we talk about what we learned and I write some notes. One day this week Anna decided she wanted to write the notes herself for one section and she did a great job.


Social Studies

We learned about the early dynasties of China and Japan this week as we worked our way through chapters 8 and 9 of Story of the World Volume 2: The Middle Ages. Anna did great on the test for chapter 8. We just finished chapter 9 today and will do the test next week. She loves doing the tests.


And that was our week. It went a little better this week than last week, thank goodness. How was your week?

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