Saturday, August 26, 2006

Why Worry When You Can Pray...

A little more than a week ago I was singing that song to my eldest daughter. She was getting ready to go on a missions trip with a team from our church. With all the recent talk about hijackings and such she was a little nervous about the upcoming plane ride. I reminded her, by singing the song to her, to change her worries into prayers and I told her that I would be praying with her.

A couple of days ago I had to sing that song to me. Darling daughter was supposed to be flying home early in the morning but the flight was delayed due to weather. I started the worry-pray cycle right away. I was really trying not to worry but really having a hard time not giving in to it. Every time I found myself starting to worry I tried to remind myself to pray instead. It really does work you know. It's not easy, but it does work.

One thing that I find really helps me is if I know there are other people praying too. I have this great group of online friends that have been my faithful prayer warriors for a few years now. They've helped me through so many tough times. They taught me to turn to God with all my worries and needs. I ask for their backing in all my prayers and it gives me a greater faith knowing that I'm not praying alone.

Another thing that helps is to pray for someone else at the same time that you are praying for whatever is bothering you. I love it when one of my online friends expresses a prayer need because it gives me a chance to pray for them. There is something very strenghtening in praying for someone else.

Is something causing you to worry? Find at least one friend to talk to about it and then pray about it, giving it to God. He doesn't always answer prayers the way we think they should be answered but He will always give us a peace if we place our trust in Him. And don't forget to pray for someone else too. You'll be amazed at how your worries will be lifted as you lift someone elses needs to God.