Friday, November 19, 2010

Schoolhouse Expos

Back in October I took part in the October 2010 Schoolhouse Expo.  The Schoolhouse Expo is basically an online homeschool conference.

Apparently this was the second Schoolhouse Expo, the first one was held in May 2010 - .  A third is planned for May 16-20, 2011.   I missed the first one, but, if at all possible, I don't plan on missing anymore.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Expo I took part in.  It was very encouraging to hear speakers from the homeschool community share their expertise. It was nice to be able to do that in the comfort of my home without worrying about what I was wearing or how my hair looked.  The organizers did a wonderful job of making sure that everything ran as it should have.  I was very impressed with how patient they were at explaining the basics to those that had never experienced an online conference before.

One of the great things about the Expo is that included in the prize of a ticket is recordings of the sessions after the fact.  This means that if you're too busy to take in a session at the time it is happening you don't miss it entirely.  You can listen to it at your leisure when you're ready.

Also, if you entirely missed the conference but wish that you hadn't, you can purchase the Expo recordings from The Old Schoolhouse store. MP3 files are available 19.99 for the entire expo, over 20 hours, or individual sessions for $4.95.

Over at the Schoolhouse Expo blog Lori has challenged us to Listen Along with Lori Lynn.  We are to listen to a recording a week and post a review about it on our own blogs.  I have been meaning to review the sessions and post more about them so I was thrilled to hear about the challenge.  I'm a little behind already, but hopefully I will catch up.  So be watching over the next few weeks for my thoughts on the sessions of the October Expo.