Thursday, September 12, 2013

Our Homeschool Space

Lisa, at Canadian Homeschooler, is posting a weekly homeschool photo challenge. I think I might try to participate throughout the year.

The first challenge - to post a picture of your school space - was posted earlier this week.

We don't have a space dedicated exclusively to homeschooling. Our homeschooling takes place all over our house. This is a picture I snapped today of Anna doing her silent reading. The white board sharing the couch with her tends to follow us wherever we might be working at the moment. There is a small bookcase at the end of the couch which holds most of our material. The two fold-up desks in the foreground are are new additions, and we're loving them. They, too, get moved around wherever we happen to need them. One is mine and one is Anna's.


The big world map on our living room wall plays a major role in our homeschooling. It gets references any time a place is mentioned throughout the day, be it in a book we're reading, a history or geography lesson, or a video, movie, or tv show we're watching. Along side the map is where we post printout of poems, songs, or other memory material we are working on.


My girl is big time into art so her art work is displayed in many places throughout the house.



So, that's a little peep into some of the homeschooling spaces in our home.