Thursday, April 17, 2008

DD's poem

Earlier this week I mentioned to DD that this is National Poetry Month and I'd like her to do something special for it - write a poem, read some poems, etc. She told me she wanted to write a poem. She disappeared into her room and came out shortly afterwards to present me with her poem. Here it is:

There is one thing I hate more than onions - it's math!
I'd rather go a month without a bath
Than do five questions of horrid math

I'd read a book with thus, shalt, hath,
If I could get away from awful math
With its multiplication, division, subtraction, addition
I'd rather do the most dangerous 007 mission!

But I guess in the end it can be a good thing
Even if right now it causes me brain sting.

Carnival of Canadian Home Educators

Quick reminder that the deadline for submissions for the second Carnival of Home Educators is tomorrow. I only have one submission yet!! Come on, Canadian Home educators. I know lots of you have written great posts since the last Carnival. Send in your submissions! Pass the word!