Monday, February 04, 2008

Motherhood - My Chosen Career

I just read a wonderful post called A Career Woman at The Well Drained Mind. Motherhood is my chosen career. Before I was married I was a public school teacher but I traded that job in when I had my first child and motherhood become my career of choice. I wouldn't trade it for anything, though there are times when I can't seem to quite kick the world's thinking that it is not a real career I know deep in my heart that it is and in my mind it is the most important career of all. I guess that's why I so enjoyed the post.

Working on Morning Routine

Inspired by this post by Crystal at Biblical Womanhood, I have been trying to get a morning routine in place. Years ago I discovered FlyLady and developed a morning routine, along with other routines, and it was really helpful, but I somewhere along the way I let it all slip. I've decided I need to start working on it again, and I will be taking baby steps, just like FlyLady suggests.

Crystal suggests to make a morning routine of 5 things, only 5, you want to every morning in the same order. Here's my Morning routine as it stands right now:

1. Pick out clothes for Anna.
2. Check the laundry and put a load on if needed
3. Fill water bottle
4. Get Breakfast and do devotions
5. Check email and google reader