Saturday, October 05, 2013

Weekly wrap-up

Bible - Anna finished the Walk With Jesus reading plan and started the Holy Week reading plan. It's just an 8 day plan so she will finish it next week. She's also been working on another reading plan in the night - the Hero's of the Old Testament plan. She's made it to day 13 of the 25 day plan. She mastered a couple of new verses in Scripture Typer this week and has 10 verses mastered now.

Art - We worked on a few different art projects. We used small strips of paper to make a beautiful card. This was a project I had to do with our ladies group and I decided to test it out on Anna. She was thrilled and did a great job.

She decided to sketch me again this week.

She also watched a YouTube video on How to Draw An Autumn Tree with Coloured Pencils and tried it out for herself.

Inspired by a picture narration exercise in First Language Lessons, we also browsed through the works of N.C. Wyeth.

Grammar - We did lessons 16-19 in First Language Lessons, which included reviewing nouns, verbs, abbreviations, and capitalization rules.

We also read and discussed the Robert Lewis Stevenson's poem The Wind and did a picture narration of N.C. Wyeth's painting "Dick and Lawless in the Holyrood Forest", an illustration for a scene from Robert Lewis Stevenson's story Black Arrow. We checked out the other illistrations N.C. Wyeth painted for The Black Arrow and read the synopsis of the book at and decided it wasn't an appropriate book for Anna to read for some time yet.

Math We're still having fun with Math. We uses cuisenaire rods to add two digit numbers and discussed tens and ones, regrouping, and carrying. We also uses the rods and a hundreds chart to discover and discuss odd and even numbers. I introduced a new game, which I called What's Hidden, which we played using the rods, some cards with plus and equal signs on them and a tub. While Anna closed her eyes I setup an addition equation with the rods and cards, but I hid the solution under the tub. Anna had to see if she could figure out the answer and then check it. Then she made up an equation for me. I recorded all the equations we made. She loved doing this but soon added her own flair and created a game that we decided to call Guess the Addends. Once again we took turns making up equations for each other but the guesser had to keep her eyes closed and ask questions, such as are the two addends the same, are the addends more or less than 5, etc. to try to figure out what the addends were before figuring out what the solution was. We had great fun playing this game and it covered reviewing addition facts and more/less concepts.

Music - Inspired by watching The Wizard of Oz last week, Anna decided to work on learning Somewhere Over the Rainbow. We found a YouTube video of Judy Garland singing the song and she listened to that each day and sang along with it until she was confident to sing it on her own. We checked out a couple of other versions of the song but this was the one Anna liked best. I got a kick out of how she tried so hard to sound like Judy Garland.

Phys. Ed. - We went swimming twice this week. Anna is getting more and more confident and strong in her swimming abilities. She's moving beyond the dog paddle and getting better at the breast stroke.

Reading - Anna finished the magic Kitten book she was reading. We started listening to Dr. Dolittle from and got so far as chapter 7. I decided to do a reading comprehension exercise with Anna and printed off a reading comprehension exercise from She did pretty good with it.

Science - We finally started our science book and added science to our schedule on a regular basis. We are doing Exploring Creation with Zoology 1. We discussed what zoology is and learned about taxonomy and binomial nomenclature.

Social studies - Continuing with our lessons in the Story of the World: Middle Ages, we learned about Justinian the Just Emperor and his wife Empress Theodora. Anna decides to take notes with the iPad during our history reading and took some great notes all on her own that really helped her answer the review questions after the reading.

Spelling - Continuing with our lessons in Spelling Power, we covered the spellings for the long o and long u sounds. Anna is still enjoying the program and doing good with it.

Writing - Continuing with our lessons in Writing With Ease, we narrated passages from Misty of Chincoteague and Anna did copy work and dictations from these narrations. She also did the cursive writing worksheets from Kidzone for letters t, e, and l. She is doing great with writing!

And that's our weekly wrap-up! You can check out some other weekly wrap-ups at Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers blog. Read her's first and then scroll down to find links to others. If you haven't tried writing a weekly wrap-up yourself yet I encourage you to try it. You don't have to be as detailed as I am many aren't. I'm loving doing the wrap-ups.