Thursday, January 14, 2010

8 Things that Caught My Eye Online This Week

1. The Daily Meme has Photo challenges - I'm trying to get my daughter motivated to take up some of them.  Haven't had any luck so far.  Teenagers!  :)

2. I took great encouragement from Ann's post The Real Secret to Happy Homemaking .  Here are the snippets from it that spoke to me, but please go read the whole thing - "Homemaking is about making a home --- and a home is a safe place, a refuge, a place to be real and alive and truest true...Homemaking is not about making perfection...A perfect home may not at all be a neat as a pin home." -

3. US President's Reading Project - I found out about this through Robin's Book Week Two post and I thought it was a great idea, however, as I am Canadian, I am considering posing my own Canadian Prime Ministers Reading Project. You may see something about that soon.  Please let me know if you'd be interested in such a thing

4. Loved this Sunday's Get Real With God post at Totally Tots.  Here's a quote: "children are the best mirrors. It never fails. If they are going through some behavior issue or attitude problem it doesn’t take long to realize that I am the ultimate cause of this."  Ouch.  I have found that to be so true.

5. 12 Tips for New Bloggers - Though written specifically for book bloggers there are some good tips for all bloggers - Get into a rhythm of regular posting; Read and comment on other blogs;  Ask questions in your posts; and answer questions posed by your readers in the comments; Always link to blog posts that you mention; If you get nasty comments or spam comments, ignore/delete. Do not respond; Enjoy blogging.  I discovered the 12 Tips from Phylis's new book blog, Windy Ridge Books.

6. I'm considering adding the Library Loot to my list of memes to participate in.  I like the idea of sharing great finds from the library and learning about what others have discovered in their local libraries.

7. 6 Steps To Effective Self Learning  Love this post!  My favorite point is point #4 Anytime is learning time.  If we could only get that into our heads!  And a favorite quote: "Let constant learning be a major part of your life-style".  Found out about the 6 steps through a Self Learning post at An Unschooling Life.

8. Booking Through Thursday - another meme that I will likely use as fodder for my blogging.  Every week a question having to do with reading is posed.  Today's question is: Do you read the inside flaps that describe a book before or while reading it?  My answer is most definitely yes! I read everything - the front and back covers, the inside flaps, the forewards and introductions, the reviews, the appendixes - everything!  I know, I'm sick  :)

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