Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Last Week's Library Loot Reviews

Follow That Star by Kenneth Oppel, illustrated by Kim LaFave (Canadian author and illustrator)
Zach, a shepherd, is so busy grumbling about everything that he almost misses out on the miracles that are happening around him.  Thankfully there are angels everywhere that help him, even though he doesn't recognize them as angels.  Cute story but likely the only place you will find it is a library because it is currently out of print..

A Gift For The Christ Child by Tina Jahnert, illustrated by Alessandra Roberti
A little girl wishes she were big enough to help and soon gets the chance to help by giving her blanket as a gift to the Christ Child.  Love the illustrations!

A girl and her Mom have a day full of adventures when they go on a shopping trip.  To be perfectly honest, I thought the book was rather silly, and Anna wasn't terribly interested in it either.  Maybe we just don't have adventurous imaginations.

Santa's Wish by Astrid Anand, illustrations by Glick-Art 
Santa wishes he had a flying machine to help him with his deliveries but he soon discovers that there's something special about the old ways.

The Christmas Snowman by Astrid Anand, illustrations by Glick-Art 
One snowy day a group of children pile some snow snowballs to make a snowman but are too tired to finish it.  One of the children returned later to finish the snowman and was treated to an adventure - or was it all a dream?  

A fun book that uses rhythm and rhyme to introduce some of the creatures that live in the ocean.  A great book to use in a science unit study on Ocean Creatures.

A cute story about a little boy enjoying a cookie, though he has to fight his dog for it.  Anna really liked this one because she could read it herself.  Just a one or two short sentences per page.

Benny and the Binky by Barbro Lindgren, illustrated Olof Lundstrom
Benny the pig gets a new baby brother and is pretty jealous of him and his binky, so he steals it and goes on an adventure.  Anna thought it was pretty funny.  It's a great book to start a discussion with a child that may have a new sibling.

An inch worm uses wit to outsmart being eaten by a bird and ends up measuring all kinds of different birds.  This book could be used in a math lesson to introduce and discuss the concept of measuring and it could also be used in a science unit study on birds to make a list of different kinds of birds.

Fun book!  Stuff that has been saved in a sack is used to make a snowman family.    It's fun to check out the illustrations and see all the different things they used.  At the back of the book there is information about what snow is and how it is made.  A great addition to a winter themed unit study.  Here is a link to a Let's Build A Snowman Lesson plan that uses this book as one of the resources.

Honk Honk! Beep Beep! words and pictures by Daniel Kirk
The toys in a child's room come to live at night and go on an adventure.  The words have a bit of rhythm and rhyme.  Anna enjoyed it and loved reading the Honk Honk!  Beep Beep! phrase when it appeared throughout the book.  I love the author's website!

A great book to add some fun to a math class.

An Island In The Soup by Mireille Levert (Canadian author)
A boy imagines an adventure while trying to avoid eating his soup.  Once again this is one that Anna and I thought was rather silly, and it could just be because we aren't that adventurous or imaginative.

Lucy's Secret by Mireille Levert (Canadian author)
Lucy enters the adventurous world of Anna Zinnia's garden and learns a little about how plants grow by planting some seeds herself.  I love this quote from this book:  "Did you know, my flower," asks Anna Zinnia, "that my garden is like a big library?  The flowers and the bugs are like books.  They have so much to tell us." This book would be a good addition to a science unit on plants.

The Story of Christmas illustrated by Freya Tanz
Tells the Biblical story of the birth of Christ.  Very nice illustrations.