Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fun Learning Sites - Big IQ Kids

Little One and I have been having fun on some sites lately.  I thought I'd share some of them.  Here's the first one I've decided to share. - there's a whole lot of good stuff here, and a good portion of it is available for free.  Because of Little One's age, we're only using one part of the site, the Spelling Program.  Truthfully I didn't have any thoughts of doing spelling with Little one for a long time yet but she's taken an interest in trying to write and I thought I'd capitalize on it.  The thing that drew me to this Spelling Program was that you could input your own word lists.  I started with a personalized list of our family names, because Little One was interested in learning how to spell all of our names.  She loved using the program and learned how to spell our names quickly so I decided to check out the graded word lists.  She flicked her way through the first word list for grade one, the "at" family list.  I guess we'll move on to the next list, as long as her interest stays.  I will make more personalized lists, using words she asks to spell and also using words from a prepimer dolch word list.  If she was older I would make use of the other programs available on the site, and you never know, I just may be making use of them sooner than I think because Little One is eager to learn.