Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sweet Sixteen

That's how old my oldest daughter turned today. She said she didn't want anything special for her birthday but I had to make it special somehow. She's such a treasure I just couldn't let the day pass without doing something special for her. She had to work this afternoon so I got busy while she was working. I got some little balls of her favorite chocolates, wrapped them in squares of tissue paper tied with ribbon and stuck them on a clubhouse toothpick so that it looked like a little flower. I made 16 of these and got one of her best guy buddies to help me round up 16 guys to deliver them, one at a time, into her at her place of work. It was so much fun, and she loved it! She didn't have a clue that I was behind it all until she got home. I meant to get a picture of her with them but I forgot - hopefully tomorrow.

The picture above is one she took of herself with the candy bouquet her aunt made for her for her birthday.