Saturday, November 15, 2008

An unexpected guest at our door

One day this week Little One and I were in the living room when we heard a faint knock knock at the door. We looked at each other, and Little One said, "Somebody's at the door". I had been wondering if I had actually heard a knock or not, but decided I must have so I went to answer the door. We have a window in our door and you can clearly see who's at the door before you get to the door. I was kind of surprised to not see anyone, and then I thought maybe somebody was playing tricks on us and hiding by the side of the door, so I went closer to see. That's when I saw the woodpecker sitting on the railing of our bridge! It flew away before I got a chance to let Little One get a glimpse at it but she thought it was pretty funny that a woodpecker was knocking at our door. She likes to tell everyone about it.

Though I didn't get a picture of the woodpecker that was at our door that day, DD did get a picture of a woodpecker on one of our walks a week or so ago. This woodpecker didn't seem to notice us and stayed there knocking at the trees close by when we walked by. I wonder was he the same one that came knocking at our door?