Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Math turned into Art

I am sure Little One has an artistic bent.  Our walls are full of indications of this.  :)  Seriously, from a very young age she has loved to draw, color, paint, create and I have been amazed by many things she has done.

One day last week we were doing a page in the Kindergarten Scholar work book I picked up at WalMart a while back.  It was a math page on identifying geometric shapes.  There was a suggestion at the bottom of the page to use cans, bottle caps, etc, to trace around to make a bunch of different sized circles on a sheet of paper.  Little One loved doing this and we filled our paper with circles and that was that.  Instead of doing a whole lot of different sized circles we used just a couple of different sizes but we used different colored leads to trace around them  A little later in the day I found the page of circles sitting on the bench in the porch, but the circles now had faces in them.  I thought it was very cute.  She informed me that it is our family and the Reids, friends of ours that found come visit.