Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Little One is so Eager to Learn!

I thought we would start out slow and gradually introduce more learning into the day, but Little One just wants to get to it!  She flicks through my plans in no time, and leaves me scrambling trying to get more for her to do.  It's so exciting!

One of the things we did today was work on one of the readers. What's the Weather Like?, that comes with the Weather themed unit at Kinderplans.  We printed off the pages, colored them together, made them into a book, and then read the book together.  Later, when we had reading time, she asked me to read it to her again along with the library books that she had chosen to read.  When Dad came home she read the book to him all by herself!

Tonight before she went to bed I suggested that she read a book to me and then I would read a book to her.  One of the books that we got out of the library this week was All Fall Down by Helen Oxenbury.  It is a book of few words and I thought it would be a great one to work on her being able to read all by herself.  I read it to her the day we brought it home and the next day I typed up with words and printed off two copies, one to cut into strips and one to keep whole.  Yesterday I helped her match the word strips to the book and we read them together.  Then I showed her how they matched the words on the copy I printed and left whole and we read it again.  I put the book, along with what I had printed off into a ziplock bag.  She discovered that bag this afternoon and took it out and read the book to me with very little help, but she wasn't interested in matching the strips.  Tonight this was the book she decided to read to me and she read it with no help at all!

I know that at this point some of it is simple memorization of what is on the pages based on the pictures.  I also know, however, that some of it is actual reading because she is pointing out the words and correcting what she says based on the letters she sees.  I just love watching her learn!

That's what on my mind today.