Monday, September 22, 2008

Wanna trade Candidate cards with us?

A few posts back I mentioned that DD and I were planning on making Election Candidates Trading Cards. Shortly after I posted that DD and I were chatting and we came up with what we think is a great idea. We thought it would be neat to actually trade Candidate cards with others. Read on to see if you're interested.

We have decided that our cards will be 3 1/2 x 2 1/4, the size of a normal playing card. On one side of the card we will have a picture of the candidate, something to indicate the party the candidate is running for, and the riding the candidate is running in. The other side of the card will have information about the candidate - name, age, and a short bio including information about family, work, education, political experience, etc. There really won't be room for a whole lot of information so we'll have to see what we can fit. We are hoping to get cards made representing each of the candidates in the seven ridings in Newfoundland and Labrador but we will definitely be making cards representing each of the candidates running in our riding.

Most likely the design of the cards will be done on the computer and then printed and front and back stuck on to cardstock to make the card. This would make it pretty easy to make as many cards as you wanted of the same kind. If we decide to make the cards without the computer somehow we could still scan the finished cards and make duplicates if needed.

If you decide to make cards representing the candidates in your area we would love to trade with you - you sending us a set of your cards and we sending you a set of ours. Anyone interested? Leave a comment to let us know

A whole new twist

Our election studies have taken a whole new twist. I found out that a friend decided to run as a candidate for our area and I offered to help with his campaign. I've never done anything like this before and it really gives you a whole new side to the election process. I didn't realize before all the work that goes into an election campaign!

Today DDs and I were busy putting together lawn signs.

DD was thrilled to get to use DH's chop saw to cut the posts for the signs.

She made fun of me when I struggled at first with using the power tool to screw the placards onto the posts, but I got the hang of it before too long.

She had a better understanding of how difficult it was at first when she finished cutting the posts and tried her hand at using the power tool, but she soon got the hang of it too.

Even Little One had a part to play. All on her own started taking the finished lawn signs and putting them up with the others.

It was a new learning experience for us all on all kinds of levels, and it was fun to all be working together.