Thursday, September 18, 2008

Election Candidates Trading Cards :)

Inspired by part of Renee's post today, DD and I have decided that the next project for her political studies will be to make player/trading cards for the candidates that are running in our province in this election. The front will be a picture of the candidate and the back will have information about the candidate. We will probably include something on the front to indicate the party the candidate is running for. We're pretty excited about this idea! It will be something neat to add to her election 2008 lapbook. I'll post pictures when we actually get some done, which will probably be a while as we gather information and work on a design.

Who knew elections could be so fun!?! :)


Julie said...

Oh! Good idea. That'll be fun.
If it is any help there is an online digital trading card maker at
best wishes, Julie.

Jacqueline said...

Thanks, Julie! I don't think that particular one suite our plans but inspired by you pointing out that one I did a search for others and found a lot of interesting things. Hopefully I'll get time to post about them later.
Also, DD and I chatted about how neat it would be if other homeschoolers across Canada did this for the candidates in their riding and we actually did trade cards. Wouldn't that be fun! May post more about that later.