Friday, January 15, 2010

A Great Cooking Blog

My friend Carla is a wonderful cook - actually I think she's wonder woman because she's a great scrapbooker, cake decorator, teacher, mother, wife, friend, etc. too.  :)

Carla started a cooking blog a couple of years ago but last year the blog kind of fell by the way side.  She revived it this year, however, and has a couple of neat features already that I thought I'd share.

She's started a 52 weeks of cakes theme for 2010 .  Every week she's going to try to remember to post cakes that she has decorated for people that week.  You can also check out some of her decorated cakes from past years.  I'm telling ya, she's good.  She even has a daughter that is following in her mother's footsteps.

She's also starting a Make It Monday Blog Carnival.  Each Monday she's going to post a recipe theme and include a MckLinky in the post for everyone to share their recipes that fit the theme.  The first carnival is coming up this Monday so be sure to check in and participate.