Friday, November 01, 2013

Weekly wrap-up - I'm starting to Lag

This week was a struggle for me. I struggled to stay motivated and positive. Anna was so good, but I was miserable. I pushed to do what had to be done and didn't take time to do things thoroughly or with a good attitude. I took the fun out of learning most of the week. There were some bright moment and thanks to Anna's great attitude we had a a good week in spite of my miserableness. I took myself in hand today and tried to make up for it.


Anna is still working her way through The Book of Daniel With Kids and the Courageous Kids Bible reading plans at YouVersion and she's still working on her verses in ScriptureTyper. She didn't add any new verses this week.


For art this week I bought Anna a face painting kit and she's been having fun with it all week.

She also did a couple of spontaneous sketch on the white board one day

and set up another art lesson with the pastel chaulks for both of us another day. I got such a kick out of her giving me step by step instructions. Her picture is the top one and mine is the bottom. I love the bold, brightness of her picture.


Language Arts (Reading, Writing, Spelling, Grammar)

Lessons 32-36 of First Language Lessons introduced us to interjections, conjunctions, and letter writing, while at the same time reviewing nouns, pronouns, verbs, and adjectives.


We were stuck on the group 14 word list in Spelling Power all week. Anna was tired of using the sugar box for writing the words in as one of the steps in studying her words and started using Doodle Buddy on the IPad and then gravitated to using the white board. She was struggling to keep a good attitude as she was stuck on the same words so long but she finally made her way through the list today.


The narrations, dictations and copywork in Writing With Ease were based on passages from Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren and, needless to say, Pippi Longstocking has been added to our want to read list.

We finished listening to the Mowgli part of the Jungle Book this week and we're working our way through the rest of the book. I didn't realize that there was more to it then the Mowgli story. As a reward for finishing the Mowgli section I downloaded the 1942 Jungle Book movie and the 1998 Mowgli's Story and we discussed the similarities and differences between the movies and the book.


Inspired by the Jelly Beans Game Math Video at Education Unboxed we practiced our facts with our own version of the game which we called Lazy Daisy. We took turns rolling two dice and deciding if we were going to use the addition or subtraction equation that could be made using the two numbers to cover one of the numbers on our board. The first person to cover all the numbers on their side of the board was the winner. There were a few times when we decided to call it a truce because it was taking for ever to get a couple of numbers, but Anna loves the game and it got her thinking how the same two numbers could be used for either a subtraction or addition equation.

One day Anna asked if we could play Race to the Looney again so we did and then she came up with the idea for another game which she decided to call How Much Money do I Have. She took a handful of change and we had to figure out how much money was in the handful. We took turns picking handfuls for each other to figure out. She used the cuisenaire rods to help her. She loved this game too and got practice with the values of the coins along with addition practice.


Talk to the Animals was one of the songs in the Dr. Dolittle movie we watched a while back. That's the song Anna decided to work on this week. We found a YouTube video of a version of Talk to the Animals that we liked best and Anna listened to it and sang along with it all week. It is a really fast song with a lot of unfamiliar words in it so it was a bit of a challenge. There were also a couple of words in it that I didn't want her using so we had to adjust the lyrics a little. She stumbled a little in the taping today but I think she did a great job.



We started chapter two of Exploring Creation With Zoology 1. We learned that feathers are what makes a bird a bird, that birds belong to the phylum Chordata because they have a backbone, that they belong to the class Aves, and that they are warm-blooded. We learned that scientists that study birds are called ornithologists and that the study of birds is called ornithology. People who enjoy bird watching are called birders. We also learned that birds are beneficial because they help keep the insect population under control. We discussed how to use field guides and field marks to help identify birds.

Social Studies

We completed chapter 7 in the Story of the World Volume 2: The Middle Ages and learned about the spread of Islam after Muhammad's death. Anna was excited to do the end of chapter test today and she did great on it.


And that was our week. How was your week?

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