Friday, November 22, 2013

Weekly wrap-up: sloppy inside and out

The weather is starting to get sloppy here. It fluctuates between sunshine, rain, and snow. It kind our mirrors our homeschool this week. There have been great moments, okay moments, and extremely frustrating moments. I'm choosing to try to learn from the frustrating moment and then trying to forget them, concentrating more on the great moments. :-)

No weekly wrap-up last week; we took the week off because my sister was visiting.



Anna completed the Courageous Kid's Bible reading plan in YouVersion and, as she couldn't find any other reading plans that included videos, decided to take a break using YouVersion. Instead she decided to do her daily Bible reading using the Bible.Is app. She is using the NIV dramatized version and she listens to the audio while following along with the text on the iPad. She listened to chapter 1-4 of Matthew this week.

She's been kind of slack with her Scritpure memory. She has only been reviewing a verse or two and not adding any new ones. I need to encourage her more with that.


Anna did a neat picture at her art class at the community center this week.

At home our art time has been taken up with fingering knitting. Anna loves it! We started with one finger knitting and have moved on to four finger knitting.

Here are some projects she made with one finger knitting - the two top pictures show a bracelet she made. The bottom. Left picture is a small wash cloth she made for one of her miniature figurines. I showed her how to sew the string into a circle. The bottom left picture is a collar she made, using a thicker wool, for her stuffed dog.

Here's her first attempt at four finger knitting. We made it into a headband.


Language Arts (Reading, Writing, Spelling, Grammar)

We completed lesson 41- 45 in First Language Lessons. We learned about indirect quotations and review the four kinds of sentences, parts of speech, direct quotations and titles of respect.

We made it through group 17 words in Spelling Power. She flicked through most of them but there are a few that she struggled with so that it took most of the week to actually be done with whole list.

The copy work, narration, and dictation exercises in Writing With Ease this week were based on passages from 101 Dalmations. Anna has seen the movie a couple of times and she also has a couple of different picture books based on the story so the story is very familiar to her. I'm not sure if we'll take the time to read the original book or not.

We finished reading Pippi Longstocking together this week and I found a Pippi Longstocking movie available on YouTube. Anna enjoyed watching that and comparing the scenes to the chapters in the book. The movie was quite different from the book.


We are continuing to play games to review facts and money values. This week I decided to start each math session with a couple of quick review activities. The first activity reviews counting money. I simply place a handful of coins on the table and Anna has to figure out how much money it is. I write down the amount after she's figured it out to get her used to reading the amount. The other activity is for reviewing facts. I take a handful of cusinaire rods from the bag and arrange them into addition problems. Anna has to figure out the answers. The first part of the week I wrote out the equations as she figured the out but the last part of the week I had her write out the equations herself. She continues to enjoy playing Go to the Dump, Math War, and Capture the Looney.


We didn't pick a song to learn this week. Instead Anna's been working in learning how to play some Christmas song on piano. This is in addition to her piano lessons. She's doing great.


We finished chapter 2 and have started chapter 3 in Exploring Creation With Zoology 1. Anna enjoyed doing the bird map in her note booking journal.

We were supposed to make bird feeders but we've decided to out that off until the spring. In Chapter 3 we are learning about birds feathers. We are both enjoying all that we are learning.

Social Studies

We finished chapter 10 and have started chapter 11 of Story of the World Volume 2: The Middle Ages. We had a great time learning about the early history of Japan, Korea, Australia, and New Zealand. Anna loves doing the chapter tests and does great on them. Today we started learning about the early history of Gaul. Anna loves to find on our big wall map all the places mentioned in our lessons.


So, inspite of the sloppiness, we did manage to accomplish a fair amount of work this week. That's one of the great things about doing these weekly wrap-ups, it helps you realize learning does take place, even in the craziest of weeks.

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Jess Benoit said...

Sounds like a great week! We are also using SotW V2 but we are at the beginning still. We love it!

Beth said...

It sounds like you had a good week. I like the art project.