Tuesday, September 02, 2008

WiiFit Fun!

My sister brought her WiiFit out for us to try this weekend. What fun! I ache today because of it but I really love it. My parents, sister, and I all got together and bought the Wii system for the kids for Christmas and we really enjoy that, but now I want the WiiFit too. I'm not thrilled that it tells me I'm obese, but I really already knew that so it wasn't any big surprise. I think I could actually do something about it if I had the WiiFit to make the exercise fun. Here are some pictures I took of the family enjoying it this past weekend:

Here's DS #1 trying out the ski jump with DD#1 watching.

Here's DH doing the Heading the Soccer ball while holding Little One in his arms. Once again DD#1 is watching.

I have a really great video of DH doing one of the exercises but he's threatened me that if I post it I will lose all internet privileges, as well as my new camera, so I think I'll keep that to myself.

I wish I had a picture of Little One giving it a try. She loved doing the ski jump and the slalom. I also wish I had a picture of DD#1 doing more than watching, but she didn't do it when I was in picture taking mode.

I managed to get all the way across the tight rope walk! I was useless with the tree yoga pose, but I did pretty good with the rest of it. My calves and thighs are aching today from doing the lunges. It really is great fun, though. Thanks, sis, for letting us try it!

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scratch said...

It was alot of fun. I haven't hooked it up since I've been back though! I need to buy some kind of adaptor thingee so it works on the TV downstairs.