Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Complexity of Teens

Just read Barb's latest post on the Handbook of Nature Study blog and these words stood out to me:

But this time I noticed a different atmosphere, a feeling of "we've been here and done that" sort of attitude. I had to quickly remind myself that this is their normal reaction anymore to just about everything. I think they are not interested in something because they don't appear to be too excited on the outside. But later on in the day when they are talking to their dad, they relate a the whole experience in a different light. Apparently the outside of a teenager doesn't accurately reflect the inside at all times.

So if you have older children and they appear to not be interested at first, don't give up. It may be that they just aren't showing it outwardly but inside the experiences are deeply affecting them.

It is so true! Oh how I ached when my boys no longer showed excitement for the things we were doing. I got so upset because they weren't interested and I gave up doing a lot of great things. I wish I had had the wisdom of Barb in realizing that this is just the teenage way and that often their outside doesn't rightly reflect their inside. It is so, so, true! I saw that so many times. I wish I had remembered it more and continued with more.

I see the same thing now in my oldest daughter. Hopefully I will remember that just because she looks bored out of her skull does not really mean that she is. She's just growing up and changing. Its sad, but sweet.

And to think that I get to go through this again a few years time with Little One! Oh my! I wonder will I finally remember it then.


Anonymous said...

Great reminder. I have been dragging them to things but it is easy to get discouraged. I will try to remember and relish the times they show some of their excitement later.

Rosina said...

My son is like that lately and he's not even that old yet! I'll have this fun nature type craft or some artsy fartsy thing planned that I know he's going to love and he thinks it's going to be silly and drags his feet to join in! Once he gets started he always loves what we're doing but it just takes that little bit of time to warm up *grin*.