Friday, February 01, 2008

Mystery + Learning = Enjoyable Learning

A nice while back I read about The Journey North Mystery Class in a blog post. I checked it out, even talked to DD about it, but soon forgot about it. This week Melissa, at Here in the Bonny Glen wrote a post about it again and I'm so glad she did.

This year's Journey North Mystery Class started this week, but it's not to late to join in. It is a great way to have some fun trying to solve a mystery and learn some things along the way. The FAQ's state that "The Mystery Class investigation is an 11-week hunt in which students try to find 10 secret "Mystery Classes" hiding around the globe." Every week clues are given to help solve the mystery.

DD and I started our investigation today. We were a little late starting because we needed to have the sunrise and sunset times for this past Monday for our location. After some searching we did find it. Then we got this past Monday's sunrise and sunset information for the 10 mystery classes for the Journey North Website. Starting a Journey North Data Sheet for each mystery class, and also one for our location, we recorded this past Monday's sunrise and sunset times and then figured out and recorded the photo period for each place. Then, using a different colored pencil lead for each place, we marked the photoperiods on the Mystery Class graph. While we were doing all this we were discussing how the clues so far seem to already give some indication as to the general area of some of the classes. We can't wait for next Friday to get more clues!

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