Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What are you talking about?

Just read Kim's post and this jumped out at me:
"Spirit-led understanding of God's Word is the standard for how we are to live. We are to rejoice in His commandments (Psalm 119:111). How can we rejoice in what we never think about?"

Kim's post talks most about teenagers and their need to be spending more time thinking about God's word and allowing it to shape their lives. Another statement she makes is "I have a hard time understanding why a young Christian person would rather sit around and talk about Britney Spears' latest idiocy." The sad thing is that we adults are often just as guilty as the teens about having our talk filled with the unimportant. Kim addresses this in her statement "It is a process to direct our thinking from those things to our God. Even for us older folks."

I am challenged by this today. I want to make a more conscious effort to think on God's word and allow it to permeate my conversations and actions today...and everyday.


Carla said...

Some good points, Jacqueline! Thanks for posting this.

Heather said...

You are so right. So much of our thoughts are wasted on the inane. This is a good challenge for me.