Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Canadian Homeschool Bloggers

I'd like to create a list of Canadian Homeschool Bloggers. If you are either a homeschool/home educating parent or student blogger living in Canada I invite you to add your blog to my Mr. Linkie. Your blog need not necessarily be about homeschooling. If I get enough I may eventually take the blogs listed and categorize them according to writer and/or topic.

Would you like to help me build this list? Tell others about it. Post about it on your blog. Link to this post. Let's see how many Canadian Homeschool Bloggers we can find.

Edit: To add your blog, or to see the links already, added you have to click on the Mr. Linky. I wish I knew how to make the Mr. Linky show up with the links in the post like I've seen in other blogs but I don't know how to do that so instead I'll do something else. I will make a list of the added links at the bottom of this post and every time I notice new links I will edit the post to add the new links. Also, if you have more than one blog I'd love for you to add each one.

Blogs listed on Mr. Linky
1. Jac's Scrappin' - my scrapbooking blog
2. Our Nature Study - a family's nature blog
3. Sombra
4. Birdy's Blog
5. Cornings at Home


Carla said...

I left mine. Where do we go to see the links?

SongBirdy said...

Okay, I'm not sure if I did this correctly but I have attempted to add my blog to your list. Thank you for the kind invitation.

And I am enjoying your home school history post!