Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Recent Starred Items

I like Kim's post today on questions to ask ourselves while reading scriptures. It was inspired by her reading of the book Let the Reader Understand by McCartney and Clayton. I'm thinking I would like to read this book. I find I want to read many of the books that Kim reviews. Her post yesterday about the ladies' Bible Study she's leading, which I really wish I could attend. They are using the book The Excellent Wife by Martha Peace, another one I want to read. Reading Kim's post yesterday I was convicted that I am guilty of rotting my husbands bones.

I really enjoyed Laura's post today on the Christian Women Online blog. It's all about being honest and open with God, because He knows it all already anyway. There's something very freeing about that.

I also liked this blog post which started with the quote "A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow." So often I, like the author of the post, am guilty of wasting too much time trying to get together the perfect plan.

I think I may try to implement something like Cindy's walking goals that she talks about in the beginning of this post. She talks about two ideas that I like - going for consecutive days or numbering her days. I'm not going to make walking goals right now as we are in to winter and snow storms that make walking outdoors quite hazardeous to your health, but I may implement something like it for some kind of fitness activity. We got a wii for Christmas and I have been making it a point of doing the fitness test on that everyday. It's not all that great of a fitness test but it is better than nothing, but maybe I'll have to work on adding something else to that.

I really, really, really like Karen's Real Resolutions for Real Mom's on the Proverbs31 Ministries Blog today. There's a number there that I need to think on.

And here's something that I think is just pain old silly. Even though I don't use the feature, because I hate all the extra doodads available on Facebook, it bothers me that they are being asked by the makers of Scrabble to remove the Scrabulous feature. Why can't they just let people enjoy the game and thereby probably grow to enjoy scrabble more? Why must they have control of it all? Stuff like that drives me crazy!

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Carla said...

Lots of things to read and think on. Thanks, Jacqueline!

About the Scrabbulous game, I can see a point for both sides. If I made a game, I wouldn't want others copying that and using it to theri advantage. I also enjoy playing the Scrabbulous game, so I'd like for it to stay on Facebook :-)