Monday, January 14, 2008

It worked! It worked!

Though she did some complaining before the movie started, and even while it was happening, by the end of it she was totally involved in it and asked right away what book we were reading next. Earlier in the day I had printed off the first few chapters of the book so she took them happily to bed with her and asked for more today.

Throughout the movie I kept telling DD that I wish she had actually read the whole book so that we could properly discuss the differences between the movie and the book, because there were many. When the movie was over she asked me to tell her some of the differences so we did have some discussion about it but it would have been so much better if she had read the whole thing.

This week we are busy reading Northanger Abbey in preparation for watching the movie this coming Sunday night. We need to read approximately 5 chapters a day in order to complete the book in time. So far today we've both read up to and including chapter 4 so that's not too bad. DD just about always spends some time reading before bed so must likely she will get even further before the day is through.

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