Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Today's Library Loot

We went to the library today. This is what I came home with.

Get Well Wishes by June Cotner - we try to do some poetry reading every day, that's the reason for this book.

365 Stories and Rhymes for Girls - another book to use for poetry reading time.

My First Juices and Smoothies by Amanda Cross - I got a blender for Christmas so I'm on the lookout for smoothie recipes.

Haunted Canada 3 by Pat Hancock - Anna wanted to get this one but I wanted to check it out first.

Poemes des Villes and Poemes Des Champs by Edith Bourget - yes, that is a french book. We've been having some fun adding some french to our days by getting a french book and using google to help us translate it. It's also a poetry book so it serves double purposes.

I may share more about these books individually after I've read them. Then again, I may not.  :-)

(Way back in January of 2010 I started doing Library Loot posts inspired by a meme another blogger had started encouraging bloggers to share books they'd checked out from the library. Back then the majority of the books I checked out were children's books to read to my youngest, but occasionally I'd get a book or two for me. My youngest now checks out her own books, but the books I check out are still often ones I'm checking out for her. I did the meme fairly faithfully for 2010 but that was it. Preparing for this post I researched to see if the meme was still going and found it is, though it now has different hosts. You can find the Library Loot meme by clicking on the words. I've decided not to participate in the meme but I will borrow the phrase as a title for my posts occasionally.)

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