Monday, January 16, 2017

Hamilton: The Revolution by Lin-Manuel Miranda

Hamilton: The Revolution

My third book read in 2017 was Hamilton: The Revolution by Lin-Manuel Miranda. I listened to an audio version using the OverDrive app. The book was published April 2016. The hardcover of the book has 288 pages and the audio is a little over 6 hours of listening. It tells the behind the scenes story of the creation and production of the Broadway Musical Hamilton.

I learned about this book from Trudy Morgan-Cole's Top Ten Books of 2016. I have obviously lived with my head in the sands because I had not heard anything about the musical, but I decided to check the book out anyway.

I'm sure that if I knew more about the show and the people involved in the production, and even about the historical people and events the play is inspired by, I would have enjoyed the book even more than I already did, because I did enjoy it.

Part of the thing that I enjoyed was getting a look at the creative process play writers go through. I think this interested me so much because my youngest daughter joined a youth theatre group a couple of years ago and has acted in a few plays so I had some experience with some of the behind the scenes of plays but nothing of this magnitude.

Reading the book has made me want to learn more about the present day and the historical people connected to the play. I'd love to be able to see the show, but I know that is an impossibility. I have, however, recently discovered that our library system has the CD's of the play and I'm anxiously awaiting listening to those, though I know it will be nothing like seeing the play in person.

Thanks, Trudy Morgan-Cole, for exposing me to this book. By the way, if you haven't read anything by Trudy, you are missing out. I have gushed about Trudy Morgan-Cole many times in the past. Do yourself a favour - go check out her blog and her books.

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