Friday, January 06, 2017

French Fun on Friday!

I absolutely adore alliteration. 😀

We had so much fun today learning French! Actually, with this new way that we've been doing some French learning lately, we have fun almost every time we do French.

Let me explain.

I live in Canada. Canada has two official languages - English and French. I would love to be fluent in both languages, but I'm not.

Recently I came up with a fun idea to include some French learning into our day. And it's so simple!

We borrow a French children's book from our library and use Google "French to English Translation", pictured below, to translate the book from French to English one sentence at a time.

It might sound a bit tedious and boring, but we are loving it. First we try to guess what the sentence might say before we type it in to find out what the translation actually is. We are slowly starting to recognize more and more words.

When you type in a word, phrase, or sentence, you are also given the option to listen to it spoken. We listen to it and then try to repeat it. We have to listen many times and often break a longer sentence down into single words or phrases to make it easier to pick out, but we are really enjoying it!

This is the book we are presently working on translating. It's a book of poems. We haven't made it all the way through our first poem yet but we have picked up words and phrases from it that we are trying to incorporate into our day.

It's a slow and steady progress, but we are enjoying it, and as we learn to recognize more and more words it will get faster and easier.

Plus, it gets us reading more books, and French books at that! 😀

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