Sunday, January 08, 2017

Canada Reads, another factor in my revived interest in reading

Have you heard about Canada Reads? Have you taken the time to check it out?

WikiPedia says:
Canada Reads is an annual "battle of the books" competition organized and broadcast by Canada's public broadcaster, the CBC

It's been going on since 2002!

I'm not sure when I first heard about Canada Reads, but the last couple of years, especially, I have made it a point to check it out. Listening to the debaters talk about the books makes me want to read more, so I can talk about books like they do.

I know I watched the 2012 Canada Reads because I remember the debaters. I knew of Alan Thicke and Arlene Dickson before the debate started and enjoyed seeing them talk about books. I hadn't heard of Shad before but was really impressed with him in the debate.

I think the only Canada Reads book I read that year was Prisoner of Tehran, and it was the first book voted off.

It appears I first posted about Canada Reads on Facebook in 2014

I didn't know any of the defenders in the 2014 Canada Reads and I don't remember any of the debates, but I guess I listened to at least some of them because I posted that I was listening to them - unless I lied. 😀

The only Canada Reads book I read that year was Annabel. I chose to read that one because the author was a Newfoundlander, like myself.

In 2015, this was my only post on FaceBook about Canada Reads:

I remember watching at least some of the debates that year. Once again I hadn't heard of any of the 2015 Canada Read Defenders.

I read one of the Canada Reads books that year, Ru, and started to read The Inconvenient Indian but didn't finish it.

And then last year I was really trying to drum up some interest in Canada Reads amongst my FaceBook friends. I posted this the day the Canada Reads 2016 short list came out.

Once again I didn't know any of the debaters and hadn't read any of the books but I set to work.

I posted this after the first day of the debate:

And then this at the end of the debate:

I was really trying hard to get people interested!

I'll tell you more about the books I read for Canada Reads 2016 in another post as this one is getting really long.

The short list for the 2017 Canada Reads hasn't been announced yet, but they did post a Canada Reads 2017 long list on December 23, 2016. I finished one book from that list tonight. I'll tell you about it in another post.

So, have I stirred up any interest in Canada Reads? I promise you that you will here about it again on my blog because I love it! It has inspired me to get reading.

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