Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Canada Reads 2017 Longlist

The longlist for the 2017 Canada Reads was announced December 23, 2016.  Here's a screenshot of the list from the Canada Reads website.

Fifteen books and I hadn't read one of them.

I was surprised by the variety of genres of books on the long list. They include fiction, memoirs, a poetry book, dystopian science fiction, fantasy, and a comedy.

I checked which ones were available from our library system on the OverDrive app. Only 5 available, and some of them were already wait listed. The five on OverDrive are:

The Break by Katherena Vermette

Fifteen Dogs by Andre Alexis

The Right to be Cold by Sheila Watt-Cloutier

Today I learned it Was You by Edward Riche

Waiting For First Light by Romeo Dallaire

My plan is to at least read those five, but I won't get them all done before the short list is announced so we'll see what happens. So far I've read The Right to be Cold and I am presently reading The Break. I'll tell you more about both of those books, and any others I read, in future posts.

With the wide variety of genres on the list, it will be interesting to see which ones make the cut. Hopefully it will be some of the ones that I manage to read before the short list is announced. The short list will be announced January 31.

Have you read any of these books? Which ones do you think will make it?

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