Friday, October 18, 2013

Weekly Wrap-up: Traveling makes week short

We were short two work days this week. Monday and Thursday we were traveling a good portion of the day.

I thought about doing some school work while we were traveling but changed my mind. We've been doing good so I figured we both deserved the break. We still managed to cover plenty in the three days we did work.


Anna finished the Ten Commandments reading plan and the Heroes of the Old Testament reading plan from YouVersion and started the Book of Daniel with Kids reading plan.

Another verse has been added to Anna's mastered list in ScriptureTyper. She has been having fun this week playing with the recording feature in Scripture Typer. She can tape herself reading a verse and play it at different speeds to review the verse. She really likes doing this.


Inspired by a boat in Dr. Dolittle, Anna titled the sketch she did of her cousin's boat "Saucy Sally".


The YouTube Video How to Draw With Coloured Pencils - Cherries Experts by Virtual Instructor provided Anna with the inspiration for this sketch:

Language Arts (Reading, Writing, Spelling, Grammar)

Lessons 24-26 of First Language Lessons had us doing more work with adjectives and more review of nouns, pronouns, and action and helping verbs.

Introduced the different spellings for the /ur/ sound and started word list 12 in Spelling Power. Didn't get far in the list this week. Anna is struggling with many of the words in the list, but she's still keeping a pretty good attitude about it.

Week 7 lessons in Writing With Ease introduced us to passages from Ginger Pye by Eleanor Estes. Anna did great with the narration and dictations exercises.

We finished listening to Dr. Dolittle this week and I downloaded the 1967 Dr. Dolittle movie for us to watch during our travels. The movie was very different from the book we read but there were parts of it that were similar.


We continued using rods to build number walls and review number bonds and facts. We concentrated on facts to 8, 9, and 10, a different one each day. This week I got her to write out the facts for the number walls rather than me writing them.

She grumbled a bit at first but then actually seemed to enjoy writing them out and I think it really helped her commit the facts to memory. This was evident as we played Race to Ten and Guess the Addends.


Inspired by the fact that her Bible Reading plan was about the Twn Commandments, Anna decided to learn the Ten Commandment Boogie song by Go Fish.



Our lessons in Exploring Creation With Zoology 1 involved doing an experiment, with gliders we made from straws and cardboard to observe the effect of drag, and learning about habitats and instinct.

Social Studies

We completed chapter 5 of Story of the World Volume 2: The Middle Ages and learned about the Gupta dynasty in India and the Ajunta Caves. We watched a couple of YouTube videos about the Ajunta Caves


And that was our week. How was yours?


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Beth said...

It looks like a good week. It is nice to be able to travel and not worry about school and while traveling you can learn quite a bit. I like the different drawings from this wek.

Becca said...

We worked on that SOTW chapter last week. I love seeing when others are working on the same stuff we are. Great week!