Saturday, September 14, 2013

Week 1 Art Projects

For art this year, I have decided that we will work on at least one art project each week. My original idea was that we would take a walk on Mondays and find something to sketch while on our walk. We would do a rough sketch Monday and then enhance that sketch all week long. Friday would be the last day to make improvements. It didn't quite go that way this week.

Monday we did go outside in the back yard and pick something to sketch. Tuesday I suggested we try to improve the sketch. At first Anna didn't want to make any improvements to hers but finally she came around and worked on it a bit. Wednesday I suggested we add some colour to our sketches. Thursday I suggested we work on the sketches some more. Anna decided her sketch was done and she wanted to draw another one, so I told her to go ahead. Friday I suggested she add colour to her second sketch.

I wish I had taken pictures of our sketches each day to show the changes but I didn't think of it the first three days.

I had decided to sketch a fallen log in our back yard. I didn't spend much time on my sketch, but here is my finished sketch


Anna decided to sit on the steps to our basement and sketch our dog, Pepsi. In her sketch you can see her feet on the steps and Pepsi sitting at the bottom of the steps. The thought balloon above Pepsi's head shows that Pepsi is thinking about how much she loves Anna.The second day she added the background of the railing and the concrete area Pepsi was sitting in and the tree and play equipment in the backyard behind it. The third day she added some colour. Here is her finished sketch


For her second sketch she decided to draw one of her dolls. Here is her initial sketch


Friday she added some colour to her sketch. Here is the finished sketch, with the doll she was sketching in the background.


I think she did a super job!


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