Friday, August 30, 2013

Coin trade game


Inspired by a game suggestion in the Let's Play Math book, Anna and I have been having some fun. She loves the game and is learning the value of coins without realizing she's doing math. :-)

You need about 9 pennies, 4 nickels, 3 dimes, 4 quarters, and one looney per player.

We have double this because just two of us are playing. We keep our coins and a die in a ziplock bag.

Players take turns rolling the die. Each dot equals one cent. Players collect the number of cents indicated by their roll and then check to see if they can make any trades before the next player rolls. Once they have five pennies they trade it in for a nickel, two nickels get traded for a dime, two dimes and a nickel get traded for a quarter, and four quarters get traded for a looney. The first to get the looney wins.

Here's a video of us playing the game. You can tell how much she loves it by her excitement at the end, even though she lost.




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Anonymous said...

That is a perfect game for fun and learning, easily carried along as well instead of a board game. She is such a sweetie.