Saturday, May 28, 2011

It doesn't take long to become spoiled

Last month I had over 2000 visits at my 365 Days of Children's Books Blog.  The last couple of months before that I was averaging about 1000 visits a month and was thrilled with that.  I was shocked to have 1000 visits before last month was even half way through and hoped, but doubted, that I would hit 2000 and was thrilled when I did.  This month I was once again excited to hit 1000 visits around the half way point and was pretty confident that I would hit 2000 visits again, but traffic has been slow the last week or so and I'm starting to think I might not hit the 2000 mark.

Funny how I was so happy and content with 1000 visits a month until I hit 2000 visits a month, and now I am disappointed at the thought of not getting 2000 visits this month.

It sure doesn't take long to become spoiled.

That's what's on my mind tonight.

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