Friday, February 11, 2011

Canadian "Homeschool Horizons" Magazine website has launched!

Check it out by clicking on the magazine logo above.  Read the explanation of the Homeschool Horizons logo, check out the Homeschool Horizons We Care page to read about a wonderful plan, send a link to your blog so that you can be added to the Homeschool Horizons' list of Canadian bloggers, and take a minute to fill in the Homeschool Horizons survey to have a say in what the magazine becomes.  Before you leave, don't forgot to sign up to be notified of updates.  Pass the word.  Here's a chance for homeschoolers across Canadian to connect and support one another.

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Alex said...

Thanks for stopping by Canadian Home Learning! I noticed too that Homeschool Horizons is planning on starting again. That's wonderful news, I used to subscribe that it!