Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Last Week's Library Loot

So much for my plan to post the list and then a review post a few days later.  I'm posting it all in one this time.

Fancy Nancy Ooh La La! It's Beauty Day by Jane O'Conner, illustrated by Robin Preiss Glasser
Kind of a cute book but not really one for us because we're not much into the whole spa beauty stuff.  A little girl sets up  a spa day for her mom to help her get ready for an evening out.  Includes recipes and tips for beauty treatments.

Lyle Walks the Dogs: A Counting Book by Bernard Waber, illustrated by Paulis Waber
I believe this is the first Lyle the Crocodile book for us.  The story follows Lyle the Crocodile through his first 10 days of his new job of walking dogs.  It is a good book to use for Math.  It integrates the numerals, number words, and ordinal words into the story. Anna enjoyed it.

Kipper by Mick Inkpen
We've read a couple of Kipper books before but not this one.  Kipper is tired of his basket and old blanket and goes exploring but soon finds out that nothing is better than his basket and old blanket.

This is a cute book with lift laps and surprises but unfortunately the library copy is in rough shape.  I think it's sad to have books in such rough shape in the library.  I'd love to read a copy in good shape.

Kipper's Monster by Mick Inkpen
Anna love this story. When Tiger shows Kipper his new flashlight and Kipper starts reading a book with it he and Tiger get the idea to sleep outside, but they don't stay out long.  Anna loved this story.

Wibbly Pig takes his time doing his bedtime routines before finally climbing into bed.  Cute story.

A cute Christmas themed story.  Harriet the hamster gets lost in the Christmas tree and has a great adventure and a pleasant surprise at the end.  Anna like it.

Uh-oh! by Rachel Isadora
A cute book were the pictures tell the story of a toddler and all the "Uh-oh" times of his days.  There are just one or two words per page.  Anna enjoyed it and recognized the phrase "uh-oh" when we came across it in another book later in the week.  I like to get a book or two with just a word or two per page because I think it helps Anna to recognize the words and gives her some confidence because she can "read" the book herself pretty easily.

If Dogs Ruled the World (Hello Reader Level 3) by Faith McNulty, illustrated by Julie Durrel
Dogs take the place of people and people take the place of dogs.  Kind of a cute story.  It got a bit old after a while to me but I think Anna enjoyed it.

Buzz Boy and Fly Guy by Tedd Arnold
Anna loves the Fly Guy books so had to get this one when she saw it at the library.  Fly Guy writes a comic strip where he and his pet fly are super heroes. Anna loved it.

I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie by Alison Jackson, pictures by Judith Byron Schachner
This is a cute parody of I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly.  The old lady in the story eats more than her fill at the thanksgiving supper.  Anna enjoyed the book

That New Animal by Emily Jenkins, pictures by Pierre Pratt
Told from the point of view of two dogs that are not impressed when their humans have a baby.  Kind of cute.  A good reminder to not forgot the pets when a baby comes into the house.

Franklin Forgives by Sharon Jennings, illustrated by Celeste Gagnon
Anna loves Franklin and actually saw a TV episode like this story.  Franklin has a hard time forgiving his little sister for losing something very important to him.

The rest of these books are all Level 2 Kids Can Read Books:

Franklin and the Bubble Gum by Sharon Jennings
Franklin has some luck which turns out to be bad luck for someone else, but Franklin does his part to fix things and is rewarded for it.  A great story for discussing honesty and integrity.

Franklin's Library Book by Sharon Jennings
Franklin loses a library book and is very worried about it.

Franklin's Soapbox Derby by Sharon Jennings
Franklin and Bear try to make a prize winning Soapbox for the Derby.

Franklin the Detective by Sharon Jennings
Franklin looks for clues to help solve mysteries.  

Franklin and the Cookies by Sharon Jennings
Franklin and Bear have fun making and eating cookies.  Includes a recipe for chocolate chip cookies that we just had to try.

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