Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Me reading time!

I'm at the inlaws. One thing that I like about time at the inlaws is that I manage to find some time to read, not just to Anna, but for me. It's a 6 hour drive to get to the inlaws so the reading starts on the drive here. Also, bedtime at the inlaws is 10-10:30pm, unlike my usual the 1-2am bedtime, so I get to read in my bed until I finally fall asleep. Also, I don't get to choose what I watch on tv so any time that I would normally spend watching tv, which really isn't much but it is some, I now spend reading. All that adds up to lots of reading time for me, and I love that, even if I am missing my TV shows.

A while back I received Trudy Morgan Cole's newest book Lydia, A Story of Philippi. I have really been wanting to start reading it but just couldn't find the time. Now I have the time, and, boy, am I enjoying the book!

I actually received the book compliments of the author. I participated in a challenge she had on her blog last year and my prize was this book! I was thrilled, because I haven't yet met a Trudy Morgan Cole book that I haven't enjoyed. And this book is proving to be no exception.

I'm only about a quarter of the way through the book yet, but it's only been two days yet, and I do still have to spend time reading to and occupying little one. If I could devote all my time to reading for myself I would be much further ahead. Still, I'm hoping that I will get pretty far through the book before the week is over.

I've come across a few quotes already that I think are worth noting. Here are some of them:

While Lydia and Luke were discussing the seemingly opposite teachings of Jesus saying that he did not come to bring peace, but Paul talking about the peace Jesus brings, Luke says "Perhaps He meant that following His Way would bring us into conflict with others, yet we would have peace in our spirits."

When Lydia was thinking about one of her fellow Christians that tended to rub her the wrong way she thought to herself "Being sisters in Christ was one thing, but even the love of Jesus didn't make it possible to actually love everyone."

In a discussion about what roles and responsibilities the Christians had Epaphroditus says "Our job is to tell people about Him so they'll be ready, not to attack the rulers of the world"

I'd say more but I'm being driven to bed again. Time to break out my little night light reader and get into the book again. :)

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