Thursday, October 21, 2010

8 questions tag

I don't usually do these things but I've been slack in posting anything lately so I figure why not do it and at least get a post up. :)

Shannon tagged me in her 16 questions post. I enjoyed reading her answers and initially thought I was supposed to answer the same questions as she did and was getting ready to do that when I reread and realized that I was to answer different questions that she had posted.

Anyway, here's her questions and my answers:

1. Toddlers or Teens? Which is harder and why?
I happen to have loved all the stages of my kids and can't say that I found any stage harder than the others. I do believe, however, that starting over again at an older age is harder.

2. What is your favourite Christmas tradition?
Hmmmm...honestly, I'm not a big fan of Christmas. It can be such a stressful time. I like things plain and simple and to me the time together with family doing simple things are the best. One of my favorite things is driving around looking at the Christmas lights.

3. What do you do (if anything) for regular physical exercise?
Ha! Regular??? Physical???? Exercise???? All three words are kind of foreign to me. :) I am trying to get back into the habit of walking every day and hoping to work back up into running a bit too. Been trying for a few months now and so far I haven't had much success.

4. Country/Traditional/Eclectic or Modern – which is YOUR home decorating style?
Ha again! :) Home decorating style - more foreign words to me. I have no style, in fashion or home decorating. :) My house is very plain and thrown together with little thought other than what is needed and what is available.

5. Baths or Showers? Which do you prefer and why?
Hmmmm...I haven't had a bath in a long time, though I think I actually prefer a bath. My do-it-yourselfer hubby renovated our upstairs washroom, where our bathtub is, and we've been unable to use it for about 5 years. Luckily we have a shower downstairs that is functional. I think I prefer a bath because I find it more relaxing and more like a get away. I can soak in the tub for a long time in peace and quiet away from everyone. A shower is more energizing, not as relaxing, and doesn't last as long.

6. Have you ever lived abroad? Where and for how long?

7. What is your favourite season and why?
I love all the seasons but I think fall is my favorite. I love the smells and the nice crisp feel in the air. I love that it's not too hot and not too cold, but just right. I also love how colourful it is.

8. Are your parents still alive? If not, what do you miss most about them and if yes, have you told them today that you love them?
Yes, they are. I haven't told them tonight because I can't get a hold of them. They must be out partying again. :) I talk to my parents just about every day at least once and most every visit or phone conversation ends with kisses, hugs and I love yous. :)

Now, I'm supposed to tag others, but I'm not good at that either so instead I'll just say if you read this and want to answer the questions I answered consider yourself tagged, and let me know that you did. :)

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