Friday, September 17, 2010

How big is a whale?

Our local homeschool group went on it's first field trip of the year today.  We went to visit the newly opened whale pavilion in a nearby community. Hanging inside the pavilion is the complete restructured skeleton of humpback whale.  Everyone enjoyed the information shared by the worker on duty.  She shared information about humpback whales in general and also about all the work of volunteers that made the display possible.

I noticed a poster on the wall that I had seen before and brought it to the attention of the group.  The poster shows all the whales that are known to travel the waters around Newfoundland and the drawings are all done to size to compare to a drawing of a moose also on the poster.  Most everyone in Newfoundland is familiar with the size of a moose and when you see the size of the moose compared to the size of the whales it is very eye opening!  The moose was the size of the fluke on the tail of one of the whales.  Pretty amazing to think about.

That's what's on my mind tonight.

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At Home on the Rock... said...

Wow...that is big!

Sounds like a fun field trip :)