Monday, April 12, 2010

Feeling Frustrated

That is how I am feeling, for so many different reasons.  Many of those reasons are related to this blog.  I'm frustrated because I want to update the look and I can't remember how to do what I want to do and I don't have the time at the present to research it and do it.  I'm frustrated because I don't know what I actually want to write here or what the purpose of it is.  A part of me wants to be able to just share whatever I want whenever I want here but another part of me really hesitates because I don't want to give up my privacy.  Yet I feel like I need a place to share some things to get them off my chest.  I always found it helped to write about my feelings but I really don't think that putting them out there for the whole wide world is a good idea.  Some things are meant to be private, but some times I wonder if it would help to let some of it out.  So many frustrations.

Perhaps I should get back to counting my blessings and using Monday as a time to post them.  I certainly wasn't as frustrated when I was doing that.  Hmmm...I need to get back on track and get rid of these frustrations.  I know that airing them all is not the answer.  The answer is to get back on track with all the things that I've gone of track with lately.  See, even writing it out in all this vagueness helped.  It doesn't matter that it might not interested anyone else.  It helped.  Then again, it just might help someone else that might be feeling the same way.  Who knows?


At Home on the Rock... said...

Ahhh....yes....I can so relate to the wanting to air frustrations and feelings...but it not being for everyone and anyone to see. Most of the things I would like to have blogged about recently, fall into this category...thus the long time between my posts.

Carla said...

Jacqueline, for updating your blog, here's a good site for free templates:
Literally 20 seconds to change the theme! Very easy to do.

I hear ya on knowing what to share and what not to share. I don't have a lot of followers. Sometimes I'd like to have more, but then there's more people gonna know what's happening in my life and I'm not sure about that. LOL!

Hope you can figure things out!