Tuesday, March 09, 2010

February Reading Round Up

I only managed to read 4 books for myself in February, and even 2 of them were juvenile books.  I'm finding it a little hard to fit in time for my reading, but I am keeping up with challenge of reading 100 books a month to Little One.  I started a blog to record the books I read with her.  You can go there to check out the titles of the 95 library books and 5 of our own books that we Read in February.

All of the books I read for myself this time came from the library.  Clicking on the titles will bring you to my posts about the books.

Made in Canada by Mary Graham Bonner
On the Way Home by Laura Ingalls Wilder
Eyewitness Weather by Brian Cosgrove

I actually posted reviews on my blog of some of the books that I read to Little One because they counted towards some of the 2010 reading challenges that I'm working on.

Perfect Snow by Barbara Reid
One is Canada by Maxine Trottier
What Will the Weather Be by Linda DeWitt
Young Author's Day at Pokeweed School by John Bianchi

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Carla said...

I've just been reading fiction lately, but I like that you're reading such a variety.

FishMama said...

WOW! 100 books a month!? Well, I guess my goal of three a day isn't too far behind. ;) Great job!