Saturday, March 06, 2010

Being a Mom is Hard Work

Earlier this week, on a particularly rough day, I posted on my facebook status that being a mom is hard.  I got a lot of agreement from a lot of moms.  I also got a couple of comments that I thought were pretty neat.  One friend said "My mom keeps telling me that the good Lord would not give us more than we could handle! I tell ya, he got more faith in me than I do!" and another said "My Pop says if parenting is easy, you're not doing it right... and that is so true!"
Later in the week I changed my status to "Being a Mom is hard, but I wouldn't trade it for all the world. I love my children with all my heart and I can't imagine life without them."

Today was another tough day so my six words this Saturday are:

Being a Mom is hard work!

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Call Me Cate said...

Lovely post. I especially like the idea of if it's easy, you're doing it wrong. I'm not a mom, maybe someday, but I have no hope that it will be easy. Nothing worthwhile ever is!

Thanks for playing 6WS!