Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Using Talents as Intended

Today I got to listen to the beautiful sounds of my talented daughter playing her guitar and singing hymns and choruses in preparation for leading the worship time at the our church's adult prayer meeting tonight.  She was a little shocked when her youth pastor called this morning and asked her to do it and when she told me about it she said she felt sick to her stomach thinking about it, but she overcame that and set to work preparing.  I thoroughly enjoyed listening to her prepare.  Unfortunately her dad and I had other commitments tonight and didn't get to go to hear first hand how she did but when we went to pick her up a lady made the point of tapping on our window and telling us that we have a very talented daughter.  I love that she is using her talents to bring glory to God.  I pray she always does.

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At Home on the Rock... said...

That's great, Jacqueline! (and it's also good you have a church that allows her to do so as well)