Friday, February 19, 2010

Tinkering with my blog layout a little

I wanted to add a record of my progress in the different reading challenges to my blog somewhere but couldn't decide how to do it.  I finally decided to do it by adding link list gadgets for each challenge in the sidebar.  I decided to go with link list gadgets rather than just list gadgets because I wanted to link to my posts about the books. I would really like the different challenge gadgets to be in alphabetical order but I am having real trouble moving them around.  I had to give up because I was getting so frustrated. I may try again another time. I've added some books to the gadgets already but I still have more to record yet.  Once I get caught up I will continue to update each gadget as I read books for the different challenges.

I also changed the way my archives and labels are displayed.  The reason for this is so that they would take up less room.  The archives are now available through a drop down menu rather than a list.  I decided to not display some labels and to change the display to a cloud rather than list.

I'm done playing for tonight.  What do you think about the changes?

1 comment:

Jennifer @ Mrs. Q: Book Addict said...

I think it looks good. It's always good to be organized, you feel more productive. Atleast, I do...