Thursday, February 04, 2010

Life As Mom's Booking It in 2010

Read about this on Carla's blog a couple of times but her post today about the books she read in January made me finally decide to join the Booking it In 2010 at Life as Mom.  I like the idea of giving a summary post of my reading for each month, and that's what they ask you to do.  I will still continue with my individual book reviews but will also do monthly summary posts.

The first thing Life as Mom asks you to do is to think about reading goals for the year.  In Life As Mom's How To Find a Good Read post they say it's never to late to join and they suggest a number of different sources for ideas for good reads and ask that people share how they go about choosing good books.

I decided before the new year began that I wanted to concentrate on reading more this year and I joined a number of different reading challenges to use as inspiration to keep reading throughout the year.  My main goal for the year is just to read more and to read a variety of types of books and topics.  Another thing I want to do is to take a closer look at my book shelves and probably reread some books that are there.  I will also be making good use of the library.  I will be perusing the shelves and making a point of checking out all the different shelves so that I cover books on different topics, as well as looking specifically for books that others suggest both online and in person.  I love to take advantage of the interlibrary loan program which means I'm not restricted to just reading the books in our local library.

If you haven't done so yet, check out the Booking It in 2010 feature.  I think it's going to be a great place to share and find good reads.

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Carla said...

Jacqueline, I have that set of BJ Hoff books here (from the library). I think you're enjoy them!

I LOVE reading :-)