Sunday, January 24, 2010

What can you do for Haiti?

It's funny how much more real it all becomes when you have a personal connection. Like everyone else, I've been taking in the news of the devastation in Haiti since the earthquake but it didn't really hit me with the same magnitude until I was pointed to this video and made aware that the speaker in the video was a former student of mine.

Reading personal reports from Vaden Earle's facebook page gives a whole different view of Haiti. Vaden is CEO and Co-founder of, a not-for-profit organization that was working in Haiti even before the earthquake. He urges his facebook friends that we have a responsibility to do something - something more than just sit and watch all the news reports. Vaden is in Haiti offering hands on help while his organization is collecting funds and making arrangements for more help - both immediate and future. Please take the time to watch the video and check out the website to see how you can help. If you are on facebook you can join's facebook page.

Thank-you Vaden, for being willing to do whatever you can. May we all follow your example.

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