Monday, January 18, 2010

Stress fades with Praise!

holy experience

71. calmly reacting to computer troubles and being able to find solutions 
72. having like minded friends traveling the homeschooling road together 
73. oldest daughters creativity and confidence in making alterations to pieces of clothing
74. reading and discussing the Word with oldest daughter
75. oldest daughter's obvious attempts to try to be more helpful and obedient
76. being able to tidy room again after long time of having it too full to be tidied
77. wonderful break
78. time with daughter, son's girlfriend, and another friend
79. good music and good fun
80. knowing little one is well cared for and content while I'm away
81. husband making arrangements for trip
82. being able to turn to praying friends when trouble comes
83. being able to lay troubles at Jesus' feet and rest
84. safe travels for all
85. my wonderful dad 

I am amazed at how this simple act of remembering and listing things to be thankful for floods my heart with such peace!  It certainly has not been a perfect week.  There was a time of great distress this week, but it fades into the background as I give praise for the good this week.  What a blessing!

Ann explains The Thousand Gifts challenge - to start listing the gifts in the everyday and watch as your list grows...first to 1000...and then beyond...until it becomes an Endless Gifts Lists. Ann says that she tries to "add to the endless list of gifts every Monday... to begin the week with a heart spilling with gratitude!" I am following her example.

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