Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Returning to Holiness by Dr. Gregory Frizzel

Finished my first book for 2010.  Well, I've actually read 23 different books to my 4 year old so far this year but this is the first book that I read just to me. If you want to see the books I've read to my little one check out my "read to Anna" bookshelf gadget from GoodReads at the bottom of the right hand column of my blog.

This book, Returning to Holiness by Dr. Gregory Frizzel, counts as my first read for the 52 Books in 52 Weeks Challenge and also for the Christian Non-Fiction Challenge.  I've been fighting a bug and haven't made it out to the library yet so I've been raiding my own shelves.  I picked this book up a while back and didn't get around to reading it until now.

Dr. Frizzel stresses the importance of living a holy life and provides guidelines to encourage the reader to begin a journey towards holiness.  He suggests 7 different types of sin - Sins of Thought, Sins of Attitude, Sins of Speech, Sins of Relationships, Sins of Commission, Sins of Omission, and Sins of Self-Rule and Self-Reliance -  that must be looked at to take this journey.  He gives scripture verses that address many different aspects of each type of sin.

I have mixed feeling about the book.  It is a good topic and it has some good stuff in it.  I found parts of it very challenging and I will be revisiting it.  Having said that, however, I do not feel it is well written or well presented.  I found many typos, especially in the last part of the book.  I was also frustrated by the margins and spacing of the type - in other words it wasn't eye appealing.  I do, however, like all the scriptures that are quoted in the book and will be working on committing many of them to memory so that I can better live the holy life God calls me to live.

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