Monday, January 11, 2010

Recalling some, but missing much

holy experience

61.  friends to share a meal with
62.  safe travels for family
63.  quick healing of oldest daughter's knuckle
64.  books to encourage
65.  learning new things
66.  oldest daughter keeping youngest occupied so I could rest and recover from illness
67.  challenging messages from God's word
68.  little one adjusting to her own room
69.  enjoying the results of little one's imagination
70.  memories packed with decorations

I am going on memory at the moment because I spent most of last week recovering from a bug and then I had computer troubles.  I missed making my daily jots as they occurred.  I know there were many more blessings than what I have recorded and though I didn't get to record them all, I did treasure them more because I was more aware of them than I would have been before taking up the challenge.

Ann explains The Thousand Gifts challenge - to start listing the gifts in the everyday and watch as your list grows...first to 1000...and then beyond...until it becomes an Endless Gifts Lists. Ann says that she tries to "add to the endless list of gifts every Monday... to begin the week with a heart spilling with gratitude!" I am following her example.

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